canon beach

Oregon Coast local pet store. One of my first freelance design projects. This client wanted something simple, minimal color and a straight forward representative of what Fetch is to them.



Freelance project done for Dr. Timothy Hubbard. He was in the process of opening up a new chiro office. I was able to help the branding direction of his new business and curate a working logo system.


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Screen Shot 2020-12-20 at 11.21.02 PM.pn
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From UX web design to tables and room decor. This internship offers a taste of it all! I was able to take my own direction for website layout design and learn how to multi task meetings, clients and getting content for all social media platforms

Know What You're Picking



Interested in knowing what you are putting in and on your body? There may be a lot of harmful products used throughout our day to day life without even realizing. Inside Out is a cosmetic line that only uses the products you can physically see.

Our mission is to be transparent with our audience, so that you may be transparent with yourself.


The main task of this internship was to handle all player statistics and aesthetically implement them into the player card templates. Giving me the knowledge of how to handle an abundance of numbers and information and translate that for every single athlete at Oregon State. I was able to have creative freedom to design a couple in game collateral pieces as a passion project as well. This was one of my favorite projects because I love to add in bright pops of color for emphasis.



After reading the book "How To Be a Designer Without Losing Your Soul" by Adrian Shaughnessy; My challenge was to  create elements that reflect understanding of book for Second year design students. I set personal goals, to stay within one design relationship but still show differences - while also going outside my style comfort done. The large typography and deep colors are there to pop out at the audience. Get straight to the point but still demonstrate and artistic standpoint.

A Book Review


Michelle Obama New Hampshire

The challenge for this project was to research a monumental speech or famous line and reference it through typography and illustration. Ever since Michelle Obama became the first lady, she has used her voice in the extreme efforts to speak up for education, womens rights and better the lives of children. See your potential, grab it by the neck and take it for a run. Don’t let boundaries block you from accomplishing something you want. Michelle Obama speaks to the people for the people.


A Party Beer


This project was done for The Golden Pint Competition at Oregon State. My team and I designed a brewery called Loud Mouth. The target audience is tailored to a younger armature crowd. Loud mouth was designed to be fun, upbeat and be a perfect match for a college party scene. Being a cheaper quality bear, we did not want to skip out on the amazing memories and experience the user would get with this product. By choosing  a design that is bright and eye catching we know our beer will help creating lasting memories.

A Party Beer